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Clean air is something that most of us take for granted. However, in every facility where people work, visible and invisible air pollutants, such as welding fumes, oil mist, tobacco smoke, vehicle emissions, dust and viruses are a hazard to people’s health. Thankfully, awareness about the quality of indoor air quality is growing.

Coral USA, part of Coral Group, is committed to ensuring a clean and healthy working environment for its customers.

Coral S.P.A.

Coral S.p.A. is a global leader in the Pollution Control Industry and supplies products, systems and services for air extraction and filtration.

Started by 3 brothers in1958, Coral S.P.A. provides extraction and filtering solutions for indoor air pollution caused by many different processes that create mist, smoke, dust, fume and VOC’s. The product line covers a vast range of equipment for industrial sectors, such as metalworking, woodworking, electronics, chemical, aerospace, agricultural and more.

Coral USA

One of the latest additions to Coral family is Coral USA office and warehouse, based in San Marcos - Texas. Our well-trained staff is eager to help you identify the best filtration solution for your needs and provide the same high-quality level of service that is exemplified by Coral brand.

Please take a moment to review our wide range of products and feel free to contact us if you have any question. We will be happy to assist you.

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Our History

Three generations of the Coral family have been actively involved in the establishment and subsequent development of the Coral Group.


The company was founded in 1958 by Orfeo Coral


His three sons, Ermino, Nevio and Luciano Coral took the helm at the company in 1964.


In 1996, the four cousins Claudio, Ivano, Emanuela and Alberto Coral, in close cooperation with 36 partners, joined the company and assumed managerial responsibilities within the Group.


Today, Coral Group comprises 23 companies specialized in air extraction and filtration, air purification and noise treatments.

Worldwide Presence

Coral Group has sales offices in Dubai, France, Germany, India, United Kingdom and United States. We are represented in more than 45 other countries by a network of authorized distributors. Our head office and manufacturing are located in Turin, Italy.

“Coral cares about the air you breathe. We offer products, systems and services which ensure clean air at work, anywhere in the world. We respect the environment and we deliver high-quality products. Our expertise, gained over 50 years in the industry, and our genuine commitment to customer requirements enable us to provide the solutions you need.”

Claudio CoralCEO

CORAL SPA Headquarter
and Production

Coral S.P.A. is a global leader in the Pollution Control Industry and we specialize in supplying products, systems and services for air extraction and filtration.

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