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The Coral water curtain painting booths ZINCOVELO are designed to ensure versatility, modularity and efficiency. They are produced in six standard versions constructed in an extremely robust structure made from galvanized steel panels which make them compact, solid and built for many years of operations.
The Coral ZINCOVELO booths include large lower tanks with a grid platform. The models available are the ZPG, ZPGA, ZPGB and ZSP versions. Easy to maintain, they use intrinsically safe backward inclined fans that provide high-performance and low-noise. Optional versions can be supplied with post-filtration to allow for air recycling and cabin pressurizing on request.

Working Principle

By means of the fan mounted on the roof of the booth, a negative pressure is created, the air flow moves from the extracting front to the exhaust plenum. The paint solids are removed as the airflow passes through a column of water falls in the booth. Three stages of water along with physical stages of filtration removal and capture the paint pigments which are captured inside the collector tank. A submerged pump in the tank is used to pump the water back through a series of nozzles which, create the water barrier. The pigments are initially removed by the front water curtain; subsequently, the residual part is forced to pass through other internal water curtains which removes most of the solid paint pigments. To ensure full solids removal, the air passes through a final dry stage of filtration. In the ZPG version, there are two additional water curtains set along the side walls of the booth to optimize the first filtering stage.


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