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The Coral dry painting booths TECNODRY are designed to ensure versatility, modularity and efficiency. The TECNODRY is constructed of zinc-coated steel panels bolted together: the side panels and dividers are self supported.
The Coral TECNODRY booths are suitable for the continuous painting of large pieces. Ventilation is provided using our Coral high-performance fans that feature backward inclined spark proof impellers. The TECNODRY design can be customized to include extended walls and a roof, which optimize the capture speed at a distance of 3,3 feet from the extracting front. The TECNODRY is also supplied with lighting and dry filtration. As an option, highly efficient glass fiber filtration can be added as a second stage of filtration.

Working Principle

By means of the centrifugal fan mounted on the roof of the booth, a negative pressure is created and air is circulated through the filters. The air flow keeps the particles of paint suspended so that the filters can remove the solids without any escape in the work environment. The first stage of filters removes the larger particles of paint, an optional second stage of filtration made of a highly efficient glass fiber removes the finer particles. The purified air is then returned back into the workspace.
Alternatively, the filtered clean air can be discharge into the atmosphere through the installation of an expulsion chimney.


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