Downdraft table with cartridge filters


  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Welding
  • Sanding


The Coral POLIJET DF downdraft table is an ideal solution for the extraction of dust and fumes generated from local bench top grinding, welding, sanding and finishing operations typically found in the following industries: wood, marble, metalworking, foundries, and more. The Coral POLIJET DF bench top has an open slotted work surface designed to capture and extract all fumes and harmful dust created at the source, thus eliminating any health hazard for the employee performing the above tasks. The Coral POLIJET DF is always operating at peak efficiency thanks to our pneumatic cleaning system. Compressed air stored in an internal tank allows the operator to initiate a back pulse cleaning of the filter cartridges. When the cleaning cycle is initiated, a blast of compressed air is released inside the filter cartridges creating a shock wave that the forces the filter cartridges to release the particles from the surface. The collected solids fall by gravity to a lower collection bin. Clean air is returned to the working environment.

Efficiency & Robust Construction

The Coral POLIJET DF is a self-contained work table featuring sophisticated filter cartridges (instead of usual filter bags), which are capable of filtering particle sizes down to approximately 0.2 – 2 microns, our filtering efficiency is rated at 99,9%. The robust construction of the Coral POLIJET DF is assembled from steel panels bolted together which allows Coral POLIJET DF to safely handle work loads of up to 60 lb/ft2 distributed on the tabletop. The back wall of the Coral POLIJET DF table top also acts as a ventilation and extraction zone and is constructed from heavy duty galvanized steel panels which are removable so that maintenance can do inspections if necessary. Side walls are available to prevent and assist in the capture of pollutants and eliminate the further spread of the material. Pricing is available on request.

Working Principle

The Coral POLIJET DF “down flow” worktable has a large pre-chamber, where most of the heavy dust is separated and deposited in the collecting bin. The contaminated air then passes through our Coral high efficiency filter cartridges where 99% of the airborne dust is removed. Our Coral suction fan is located in a soundproofed box to ensure quiet operation. The cartridges are kept in perfect working order by programmable electronic compressed air cleaning system described above.

Horizontal Cartridges

The horizontal installation of our special Coral POLIJET DF cartridges allows for easy access and quick maintenance of the filter section. Where permitted, the filtered air is discharged into the work environment, which allows for significant energy savings.


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