Air Purification Tower


  • Welding
  • Thermal Cutting
  • Dry Dust


The Coral IPERJET DF TOWER Air Purification system is designed for applications where local capture of contamination is not possible or adequate and full room filtration is required. Those applications would include installations where the following is not possible.

  • Local/source exhaust is difficult or not possible
  • Ductwork installation is complicated or not suitable
  • Air-conditioned or heated spaces, where exhausting the conditioned air outdoor is not prudent and the need to recycle the indoor air is required to save energy costs.
  • Environments where the source of pollutant/smoke is changing depending on process
  • Insufficient local exhaust performed by portable units or weak filtering capability of the existing pollution control systems

Working Principle

Polluted air is sucked in at the top inlet of the IPERJET DF TOWER and filtered by the high efficiency Class M filter cartridges up where up to 99,9% of dust particles are removed and clean, healthy air is returned in the workspace. Clean air benefits all employees in the workspace and will lead to increased production. As an option, we can provide high efficiency HEPA H13 post filters that guarantee up to 99,95% of pollutants down to 0.3 microns are removed.


  • Reduce energy costs, eliminate the need to exhaust plant climate-controlled air (up to 70% savings depending on location and climatic conditions).
  • Easy and low installations cost, no need for costly piping or duct work.
  • Easy to transportation and install, includes lifting eyelets and forklift lifting points.
  • Quick maintenance of the horizontal cartridges.
  • Stand-alone positioning and easy to move to another location when required.
  • Easy dust disposal from a container with wheels.
  • User friendly touchscreen panel control.
  • Plug & play installation with compressed air connection and electric power.
  • Quiet operation due to Coral’s high efficiency backward curved fans.
  • Layered ventilation zones that provide filtered air breathing zones for the employees.

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