Welding Fume collector filter with 6-12 or 12-18 horizontal cartridges


  • Grinding
  • Sanding
  • Dry Dust
  • Deburring
  • Thermal Cutting
  • Polishing
  • Welding


The Coral IPERJET DF MAX dust collection system is the same as our IPERJET DF except it allows for more air flow for larger applications. The Coral IPERJET DF MAX is unique as we designed it to have horizontally fixed filter cartridges which makes servicing much easier for your maintenance team.

The Coral IPERJET DF MAX is suitable for applications that require the removal and filtration of welding fumes and dust as well as small quantities of chips from many different applications.

The Coral IPERJET DF MAX collection system is the ideal solution for all applications where extraction, collection and removal of pollutants are required so that indoor air can be returned to the working environment. With today’s utility costs constantly rising, evacuating conditioned but contaminated air from the plant floor outdoors is no longer possible. The Coral IPERJET DF allows filtered air to safely be returned to the work environment.

Working principle

The Coral IPERJET DF MAX is designed so that incoming air enters the top of the unit and travels down the back side, the contaminated air then makes a 180˚ turn and travels straight up into the filter chamber. Due to the rapid change in direction, heavy solids fall out of the air stream and are deposited into a collection bin located at the back of the unit.

Contaminated air then passes through our specially designed high efficiency filter cartridges where 99% of the harmful solids are removed.

The Coral electronically controlled pneumatic back pulse system keeps our high efficiency filter cartridges operating at peak efficiency. The controller constantly monitors the condition of the filter cartridges by using differential pressure, always checking the inlet pressure against the outlet pressure. Once the controller detects that the filter cartridges are clogging, a cleaning cycle is initiated. During the cleaning cycle, high pressure compressed air (7 bar – 101 psi) is released inside the filter cartridges creating a shock wave that forcibly pushes the collected solids off the cartridges. The solids fall by gravity to a second lower collection bin for removal.

A Coral high-performance fan mounted on the top of the IPERJET DF MAX assures a high suction capacity and quiet operation.

Horizontal cartridges

What makes our system unique is the horizontal mounting of the specially designed Coral filter cartridges. This allows operators easy access and a quick maintenance of the filtering cartridges when required. Simply open the door, loosen four retaining bolts, twist and remove.


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