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The Coral GRINDEX DF JET is a portable dust and fume collector which utilizes our special high efficiency filter cartridges. The Coral GRINDEX DF JET is specifically designed to capture grinding and deburring dust at the source which keeps the operator and the nearby workers’ breathing zone clear of dangerous dust and particles. The Coral GRINDEX DF JET also includes a manual compressed air cleaning system to keep our specially designed filter cartridges operating for long periods of time.

Working Principle

The Coral GRINDEX DF JET extracts the air contaminated with solids and particulate from any dry grinding process such as handheld grinders up the automated machine grinders.

The extracted air is then conveyed through a series of pipes or flexible duct to the inlet of the Coral GRINDEX DF JET where a specially designed stainless steel wet pre-chamber tray is equipped with a spark trap to extinguish any live sparks from the grinding operation eliminating any fire hazards.

The air contaminated with particulate then passes through our specially designed filter cartridges which remove 99% of the airborne contaminants. Clean, healthy to breathe air is then returned to the work environment.

The Coral GRINDEX DF JET includes a differential pressure gauge to continuously monitor the filter cartridges and provide the operator a visual indication of the filter cartridge life.

Pneumatic cleaning system

During operation, the Coral GRINDEX DF JET is always operating at peak efficiency thanks to our manual pneumatic cleaning system. Compressed air stored in an internal tank allows the operator to initiate a back pulse cleaning of the filter cartridges. When the cleaning cycle is initiated, a blast of compressed air is released inside the filter cartridges creating a shock wave that the forces the filter cartridges to release the particles from the surface. The collected solids fall by gravity to a lower collection bin.

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