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The Coral CLEANGO is the ideal solution for a portable welding fume extractor. The CLEANGO is a self-contained, light duty welding fume extractor which also captures other airborne contaminants present in the workplace. This portable, compact fume extractor offers simple 120-volt single phase plug-n-go convenience. The CLEANGO is designed and manufactured on state-of-the art equipment which make this source capture extractor a powerful, low-maintenance solution for even toughest welding fumes.

Versatility & Convenience

Ideal for a wide variety of intermittent duty applications, the Coral CLEANGO captures hazardous fumes and dust from welding applications at the source. The completely articulated, extendable extraction arm is capable of rotating a full 360° which can be easily positioned to remove hazardous smoke and particulate before it contaminates the operator breathing zone. Designed to easily pass-through standard doorways, the highly maneuverable CLEANGO is ready to run with the flip of a switch.

Working Principle

Welding fumes and other airborne contaminants are drawn into the unit and captured by the Coral CLEAN GO, which is capable of an air flow rate of 900 CFM.

High efficiency filter cartridges allow the CLEANGO to remove airborne contaminants and discharge clean air back into the room. Activated carbon is also available to absorb gases and odors.

A differential pressure gauge constantly supplies the operator with the condition of the internal filter cartridges.

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