Probis Mini Extraction Arms

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Probis Mini Extraction Arms

The PROBIS self-supporting articulated arm, made by Coral represents the best technical solution and has the necessary versatility for extracting fumes emitted by soft soldering, laboratory vapors, electronics in general, small- scale craft work gold smithery, dental laboratories, research laboratories, analytical laboratories, etc. The Coral Probis, arm is available with two articulated joints fitted with fast-tightening screws for correct positioning at the workstation, according to the specific type of use required. The Probis arm can be fixed to the ceiling or the workbench.

Operating Principle
The polluted air is sucked in by one of the seven types of hoods, inter- changeable according to the type of use with ideal positioning possibilities as it can rotate 360° about its axis, passes through the anodized aluminum pipe with articulated joints made of a resistant plastic material, to the CORAL suction and filter unit or the centralized suction system.

In addition to the various types of hoods available, the circular hood can be fitted with halogen light for a greater and more clearly defined area of visibility Coral also provide special hoods made of plexi-glass for automatic welding so that these operations can be kept under visual control and a damper to set the desired air flow.

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