Jetclean DF-1

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Jetclean DF-1

These portable cartridge dust and fume collectors are designed as a cost-effective, highly efficient, solution for OSHA compliant filtering of dusts, fumes, smoke, gasses, and vapors.

Maintaining filters at optimum efficiency has always been a problem for traditional collectors, especially for welding fumes and dust. The JET CLEAN OF line of collectors offers a state-of-the-art system a portable unit with long-lasting cartridges and a fully AUTOMATIC compressed air cleaning system- exclusive of Coral design & like no others in its class.

Powerful, Quiet
Extremely quiet plug-n-go operation, combined with incredible maneuverability and a powerful 1, 1 .5 or 3 horsepower motor (for up to an amazing 1890 CFM airflow), make the JET CLEAN OF an ideal solution for a wide variety of process applications, including welding, sanding, grinding and deburring.

Effective Filtration
Fumes are captured by the patented EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE extraction arm, travelling through a separate dirty air plenum where heavier particulate drops from the air stream. The contaminated air then passes through a metal prefilter that acts as a spark arrester, and is finally filtered through high efficiency cartridges, returning clean air is to the environment.

Download the Product Brochure:
adobe-reader-lgJet Clean DF Product Brochure