Evolution Extraction Arms

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Evolution Extraction Arms

Coral is the industry leader in extraction arms for highly effective source capture of fumes, smoke, dust and gases produced by a wide variety of industrial processes.

Operating Principle
Contaminated air is captured by the fully adjustable hood and exhausted through scratch-resistant enamel coated aluminum tubes. Contaminants may be exhausted to a central filtration system or, with an optional high-effi ciency fan, to the atmosphere, depending upon regulations.
The body and hood of the Evolution “No-smoke” Arm is coupled together by a special, patented external joint and support design that allows for easy and convenient movement.

360º Rotation
The Evolution arm base is equipped with a custom rotary bearing which enables a 360º rotation to optimize usability. This patented external joint design not only offers easier operator adjustability of the arm but also results in a lower static resistance to facilitate improved contaminant capture and removal. This improved performance results in lower operating costs, less operating noise, and improved air quality for the operator at the workstation. Overall, this unique design enables the arm to outperform other arms available on the market.

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