EN Standard fume extraction bench

Coral Antipollution Systems specializes in EN Standard fume extraction bench.

Clean air is something that most of us take for granted. However, in every facility where people work, visible and invisible air pollutants, such as welding fumes, oil mist, vehicle emissions, dust, and viruses are a hazard to people’s health.

We solve air pollution problems with state-of-the-art air extraction and filtration products and systems.

Our products and systems meet or exceed the European Standards, NFPA, MERV Rated, and green standards and best practices.

Coral USA, part of Coral Group, is committed to providing EN Standard fume extraction bench to ensure a clean and healthy working environment.

Three generations of the Coral family have been actively involved in the Coral Group, since 1958. We have sales offices in the United States, Dubai, France, Germany, India, and United Kingdom. We are represented in more than 45 other countries by a network of authorized distributors.

Our EN Standard fume extraction bench products include:

Can’t find the solution for your needs, no problem, our engineers will create your perfect EN Standard fume extraction bench solution.

In addition to EN Standard fume extraction bench, we are able to provide accessories, components, and parts for your unique needs.

Our EN Standard fume extraction bench services include:


    Have a filtration application? Whether it’s a quick question or a more complex issue, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll be glad to help.


    Need help identifying the best solution for you? Our professionals will visit your facilities to evaluate your processes and filtration needs.


    Portable welding smoke and dust extraction solutions, filtering systems and more. Can’t find the solution for your application? Contact us for a customized one.


    From parts and products to complete filtering systems, our expert engineers at Coral are able to design all kinds of filtration solution.


    We take care of assembling and testing any portable unit before delivery, while system’s commissioning is carried out after installation.


    Knowledge is the key to efficacy and success. This is why we offer our clients exhaustive training programs on system operations.


    Any issue with your filtering solution? We are here to help you, through telephone support, on-site technical assistance, testing and restoring.

Contact us for your EN Standard fume extraction bench consultation.

We provide free consultations for EN Standard fume extraction bench. Whether it’s a quick question or a more complex issue, we’ll be glad to help you understand exactly what you need to solve your air quality issue.

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