Clean Go Mobile Collector

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Clean Go Mobile Collector

The CLEAN GO is the ideal solution for self-contained source capture of light duty weld fume and other airborne contaminants in the workplace. This portable, compact fume collector offers simple 120-volt plugn-go convenience. The Clean Go is designed using the state-of-the art technology in source capture and is a powerful, low-maintenance solution for even tough weld fumes.

Versatility, Convenience
Ideal for a wide variety of intermittent duty applications, the Clean Go captures hazardous fumes and dust at the source from most welding applications. The completely articulated, extendable extraction arm, capable of full 360° rotation, can be easily positioned to remove hazardous smoke and particulate before it contaminates the operator breathing zone. Built to easily pass through standard doorways, the highly maneuverable Clean Go is ready to run with the flip of a switch.

Weld fumes or other airborne contaminants are captured by the Clean Go, with incredible 900 CFM airfl ow, and are drawn into the unit. Lighter contaminants are then captured by two high-effi ciency cartridge fi lters followed by an activated carbon filter to absorb gases. Clean air is then returned back into the workplace.

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