Fumes Extraction System with arms of 26 feet action range

February 02, 2022

Fumes Extraction System with arms of 26 feet action range

A company in the metalworking industry who specializes in the fabrication of very large steel parts, turned to Coral USA to solve their problem with welding fumes. The main challenge was the positioning of the parts on the assembly line, which ran lengthwise on one side of the plant.

Our solution was a stationary extraction system with articulated arms anchored to the beams of the facility for its entire length. Considering the size of the pieces and the distance from the wall, we installed 13-feet (4 m) long extraction arms, equipped with an accordion like extension of 13 feet (4 m), thus ensuring a range of action of about 26 feet (8 m) per arm.

Outside the plant we installed the Coral USA IPERJET DF modular filter. A highly efficient collection system with horizontal cartridges and an inlet pre-chamber that separates the coarse dust from the fumes, ensuring lower solids loading on the cartridges and less maintenance.

In addition, the installed filter was equipped with a pre-separation chamber that helped remove coarse particles, reducing the solids loading on the cartridges.

Furthermore, we were able to offer our client a solution that would always operate at a perfect level of efficiency, thanks to the Coral electronically controlled pneumatic back pulse system. The controller constantly monitors the condition of the filter cartridges by using differential pressure, initiating a cleaning cycle when needed.

Last but not least, considering the length of the extraction line, we needed a high-performance fan to keep the suction pressure and air flow at the proper level. We installed a Coral external fan with soundproofing box made of COMPOSIT panels, which assures a high suction capacity and quiet operations.

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