Fumes and Dust Extraction with 50% Energy Saving

A metalworking company recently contacted Coral USA looking for a solution to extract welding fumes and grinding dust in their facility. The situation presented two main challenges.

  • Not wasting conditioned plant air in the production area.
  • Running 24/7 operations.

To ensure optimal extraction while creating a safer and more productive workplace, Coral USA recommended the installation of a front suction hood with our Coral 8” Evolution arm for each station. The extraction arm captured the fumes at source, the horizontal air flow generated by the hood was able to efficiently extract fumes and dust protecting the workers from exposure to any hazardous particles.

Since the operations were running 24/7, the filter system needed to be automated and require as little maintenance as possible. In addition, the system needed to provide excellent performance throughout its lifespan. Coral USA was able to meet these requirements an integrated PLC that operated a self-cleaning cycle after each shift, cleaning the cartridges 3 times a day, without interrupting operations or needed the assistance from the maintenance team.

In addition, the installed filter was equipped with a pre-separation chamber that helped remove coarse particles, reducing the solids loading on the cartridges.

The second challenge was that the client didn’t want to waste the energy used to create and supply conditioned air inside the production area. Therefore, we decided to install a HEPA H13 post filter so that the conditioned air could be sent back inside the facility, without any energy loss.

Finally, in the control panel we installed an inverter with a pressure switch that allowed the PLC to determine how many stations were online. This allowed for the system to increase or decrease the fan speed and air flow which provided an energy saving of approximately 50%.
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