About Depureco Industrial Vacuums

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About Depureco Industrial Vacuums

Established in 1972 in Milan, Italy, DEPURECO started as a manufacturer of multistage turbines for dust exhaust systems but it soon began to design and manufacture industrial vacuum cleaners. In 1998 Depureco moved it operation to Turin and in 2011 was acquired by the Coral Group, an historical Italian Company that has been designing and manufacturing for over 55 years worldwide through 32 subsidiaries. The Coral Group is highly specialized in the ecological and air purification fields with a consolidated turnover of more than 80 million Euro.

Our history allows us to solve the extraction and filtration problems of industries all over the world. A growing range of vacuum cleaners ensures the right solution in every application supported by 55 + years of experience in the design and manufacture of customized portable and centralized systems.

The added value of DEPURECO is its orientation to excellence: designing and building quality equipment, offering customized solutions and meeting our commitments on time. OUR CUSTOMERS ARE OUR PARTNERS.

We are a World Leader in the Industrial Vacuum Field and we work as a team, to provide the best quality vacuums available on the market. Together with the Coral Group we GUARANTEE: QUALITY, SAFE and RELIABLE Vacuum Equipment. At Depureco: Safety and Quality have no compromise.

We are constantly expanding our product lines which allows us to offer a complete range of vacuum cleaners for all your commercial and industrial needs: Whether you need a wet, dry, electric, pneumatic, portable or centralized system Depureco has a vacuum that will suit your needs.


  • ISO 9001 – ISO 14000
  • filtration efficiency (TÜV – class M)
  • filtration efficiency for the recovery of toxic and hazardous substances (TÜV – class H)
  • protection from electrostatic discharge risk (TÜV – class B1)
  • ATEX suitability for use in areas at risk of explosion and intake of potentially explosive materials.